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Pop englischsprachig / 19. Januar 2019

Rustin Man (Paul Webb): Drift Code

Limited Indie Shop Edition

Neues Album des Talk Talk Bassisten Paul Webb, der das letzte Mal in Erscheinung getreten ist mit diesem tollen Album mit Beth Gibbons, 2002.

Deluxe LP nur bei Indiehändlern!

Rustin Man aka Paul Webb formerly the bass player in Talk Talk, releases his new album Drift Code via Domino. Recorded at his Essex home, a converted barn three miles from the nearest village, the record has a warm, wise kind of euphoria to it, coupled with an acute sense of storytelling and surreality. Webb has released one record under the moniker Rustin Man so far – the superb Out Of Season in 2002, a collaboration with Beth Gibbons of Portishead. As you might expect from someone of Webb’s pedigree, Drift Code is a deep, detailed work. The passage of time, the living space full of art, treasured objects and junk, the years spent listening to film music and ‘40s standards are all audible. But there’s a surprising spontaneity to it too. Drums were played by Webb’s former Talk Talk and O’Rang colleague Lee Harris.



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Drift Code
Rustin Man

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