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Metal / 21. Juni 2020

Alpha Wolf: A Quiet Place To Die

Limited orange Edition and as a bundle with Shirt.

Quiet Place To Die will be released in late September, and although the global music scene is on pause at the moment, the band is keeping it together and feeling more positive than ever.

Guitarist Sabian Lynch says, “we’ve completed the album we’ve dreamed of writing, with so much hard work and sacrifice over the past few years it always comes back down to the music and this is definitely the strongest we’ve ever been.”

“We’ve reached into those never-ending pockets of negativity to pull out some of our darkest times and pour them into our songs, it’s almost like having a demon for every day of the week but it’s for each song. Listen to the music, listen to the words and experience the best version of Alpha Wolf.”


Release Info

Alpha Wolf

Verfügbare Formate

Ltd. LP orange 500x


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1. a quiet place to die
2. Creep
3. Golden Fate; Isolate
4. Akudama
5. Acid Romance
6. Rot In Pieces
7. bleed 4 you
8. Ultra-Violet Violence
9. The Mind Bends To A Will Of Its Own
10. Restricted (R18+)
11. don't ask…

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