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Punk / 16. Januar 2021

Billy No Mates: Sourdough

Exclusive Edition

Limitiert auf 100 in orange Vinyl inkl. Download-Code und Lyricsheet. Nicht zu verwechseln mit der Durchstarterin aus UK! Duncan Redmond von Snuff hat sich mit Billy No Mates nicht nur ein Soloprojekt angeschafft, sondern gleich drei davon, eines in UK, eines in Japan, und dieses hier in den USA, und jeweils eine Backing Band mit großen Namen zusammengestellt. Nach diversen Releases mit zweien davon kommt nun endlich eines mit der USA-Band, bestehend aus Sergie Loobkoff (Samiam!), Joey Cape (Lagwagon!) und Tyson Annicharico (Dead To Me!), und da fällt einem wirklich nichts mehr ein… schon vor 10 Jahren aufgenommen, fangen diese Aufnahmen vier Genies “at their prime” ein, das ist nicht nur eine Allstar-Band, das klingt auch so. Lupenreiner melodischer Punkrock mit so tollen Hooks und Ideen, dass es eine Tragödie ist, dass es zehn Jahre brauchte, diese Songs herauszubringen. 6 Songs gab es schon in anderen Versionen auf anderen Releases, 6 sind exklusiv hier. Die Drums von Redmond wie immer bestechend, Gesang und Gitarre teilen sich Cape und Loobkoff, und es ist erschreckend wie gut alles harmoniert. In einer besseren Welt vielleicht ein kleiner Klassiker.

The story: Not content with writing records & playing shows all over the Eastern Hemisphere, Billy (AKA Duncan Redmonds) decided way back in November 2010 that it was time that North America should be the next continent to lend some of its musical talents to this very global project! The premise of Billy No Mates USA was a simple one: – one that had already spawned LPs from both ‘BNM West/UK’ and ‘BNM East/Japan’ – to lock up three Yankee punks in a studio with the mad scientist himself until they had either gone completely Lord Of The Flies on each other, or produced something worth committing to record! Fortunately for everyone, the latter ensued and what you (almost) hold in your hands is the very first issuance of that studio recording…the “Sourdough” LP.

These 12 tracks, which were recorded in Motor Studios San Francisco, once again show Billys untouchable ability to write songs that will stick in your head for years to come. Couple that with what can only be described as a melodic punk all-star team of musicians, and you’ve got everything you need for the release of the decade (which decade? you choose :))…Joey “The Caper” Cape (Lagwagon, Me FIrst & The Gimme Gimmes), Tyson “Chicken” Annicharico (Dead To Me, ex-Western Addiction) and Sergie, umm…”the Loob(??)” Loobkoff (Samiam, Knapsack) pooled their collective talents to create this heady mix of skate-punk/hardcore/sea-shanty perfection! It’s hard to believe these recordings are a decade old (pretty much to the day!) but they serve as the perfect time-capsule of that rarest, most beautiful moment in time where it all just seems to come together for that one session! The three legends joining Billy were clearly excited at the opportunity to stamp their own mark on these tracks, and it’s great to imagine just what the atmosphere must have been like – In fact for one night only back then, lucky punters at Thee Parkside would have been able to see the band play their one & only show together!


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Billy No Mates
29. Januar 2021

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100x Ltd. LP orange

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