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Psychedelic/Stoner Rock, Rock englischsprachig / 21. Juni 2020

Frankie And The Witch Fingers: Heavy Roller

Limited blue Editions

You know them by now. Dylan Sizemore, Shaughnessy Starr, Josh Menashe and Nikki Pickle make up the highly-praised L.A. garage psychedelicists Frankie and the Witch Fingers.  Well known for their explosive live performances, the band has grown their fanbase exponentially with every new album. Combining insta-catchy hooks with muddy garage guitar tones while stirring in absurdist lyric treatments on top, encountering a Witch Fingers tune is not unlike slipping into a hefty acid-soaked hallucination. Both are wild and unpredictable, but you can bet they’ll guide you safely to the Garden of Eden with minimal wear and tear.

Initially released in 2016 on Permanent Records to a quick sellout, Greenway Records has remastered, repackaged and officially respawned Heavy Roller into 2020 to fight back the foggy haze of civil unrest and cabin fever isolation with some tried-and-true out-of-body psychedelic fun and excitement. There are two variants to choose from, both limited to 300 a piece, both quite gorgeous. Check those out below, listen to the record in its entirety and grab a slab after the ‘buy’ link. Buy a copy for yourself or a friend, but also buy it in solidarity with The Witch Fingers while they’re patiently waiting out the commotion to tour again. It’s the right move.


Release Info

Heavy Roller
01. August 2020

Verfügbare Formate

Ltd LP blue bone 300x

Ltd. LP blue dream 300x


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