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Funk, Organic Grooves / 7. August 2019

Ghost Funk Orchestra: A Song For Paul

Exclusive Gold Vinyl Edition

Ghost Funk Orchestra are a mystery. Plain and simple. Dirty, soulful production, verbed and fuzzed out guitars, mysterious vocals that feel like a lost score to a Quentin Tarantino film. The brainchild of one-man producer/musician/arranger Seth Applebaum, GFO is forging new territory and blurring the line between soul and psychedelic.


Release Info

Karma Chief
23. August 2019

Verfügbare Formate

LP gold

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A1 Intro

A2 Walk Like A Motherfucker

A3 Kaddish

A4 Modern Scene

A5 Slow Down

A6 Interlude

A7 A Song For Paul

A8 Spirits In The Distance

A9 Seven Eight

A10 Broken Boogaloo

A11 Skin I'm In

A12 Isaac Hayes

A13 Interlude II

A14 A Conversation

A15 Outro

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