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Punk/HC / 25. Dezember 2020

Glitterer: Life Is Not A Lesson

First Edition on red Vinyl

Life is Not a Lesson ist Glitterers zweites Album mit Ned Russin, Bassist / Sänger der wegweisenden Hardcore-Punk-Band Title Fight. Diesmal hat Ned die Platte selbst produziert, obwohl er einige Aufnahme- und Performance-Hilfe von seinem Zwillingsbruder Ben und einigen anderen Freunden hatte. Das mastering hierbei übernahm Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Power Trip).

Life is Not a Lesson is Glitterer’s second fulllength album, featuring Ned Russin, bassist /vocalist of seminal hardcore-punk band Title Fight. This time Ned has produced the record himself, notwit standing some recording and performance help from his twin brother, Ben, and some other friends, as well as mixing and mastering by Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Power Trip). It may surprise you to hear that, irrespective of worldly doom and gloom, the new songs are even catchier and bigger-sounding than those from his 2019 release, Looking Through the Shades. With roomier drums and more electricguitars-per-square-inch than ever, Life is Not a Lesson has a way of evoking an alternateuniverse version of Guided By Voices, one with a hardcore-punk background. Life is Not a Lesson proves to be a rigorous reckoning with the life of the mind at a time when there’s not much life outside the mind.


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Ltd. LP red


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  1. 1 Bodies
  2. 2 Are you sure?
  3. 3 Try harder still
  4. 4 Little backward glance
  5. 5 How a song should go
  6. 6 The end
  7. 7 Didn't want it
  8. 8 Indeed
  9. 9 Birdsong
  10. 10 I made the call
  11. 11 Fire
  12. 12 Life is not a lesson

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