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Metal / 27. November 2019

Grin: Translucent Blades

Limited to 150 coloured LPs

Heavy psych doom duo GRIN deliver an experience that is both soothingly spiritual as well as intensely carnal.

The Berlin-based musicians and power couple Jan and Sabine Oberg (of Earth Ship renown) purposefully embrace this paradox, creating music that is both raw and exposed. Sometimes surviving on the power of a single riff, then swelling to the sounds of a catastrophic planetary devastation, the band’s sophomore album takes cues from diverse styles such as post-metal, grunge and shoegaze.


Release Info

17. Januar 2020

Verfügbare Formate

Limited to 150 copies on solid black

Limited to 150 copies on clear/white vinyl

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1. Helix (5:22)
2. Orbital Grace (3:18)
3. Translucent Blades (5:45)
4. Husk (4:05)

1. Electric Eye (5:46)
2. Holy Grief (4:40)
3. Antares (2:29)
4. Reviver (5:17)

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