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Dance, Electronic/Dance / 24. Mai 2019

Hot Chip: A Bath Full Of Ecstasy

Limited crystal clear vinyl

A Bath Full of Ecstasy is a fresh, invigorating and essential new chapter in Hot Chip’s career, taking in their huge breadth of influence and melody as only Hot Chip can. This is the first time the band have chosen to use outside producers from the offset, working with Philippe Zdar (Cat Power, Beastie Boys, Phoenix, Cassius) and Rodaidh McDonald (The XX, Sampha, David Byrne), and there is a marked dynamism in Zdar’s mixing that brings out the boldness of the songs collected here.

The record is a celebration of joy but recognises the struggle it can take to get to that point of happiness.

You can hear the pleasure Hot Chip had in creating this album and they want to pass on that feeling to the listener. It is time to get lost in A Bath Full of Ecstasy.

Release Info

Hot Chip
21. Juni 2019

Verfügbare Formate

2 LP crystal clear vinyl

2 LP

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1. Melody Of Love
2. Spell
3. Bath Full Of Ecstasy
4. Echo 
5. Hungry Child
6. Positive
7. Why Does My Mind
8. Clear Blue Skies
9. No God

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