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Psychedelic/Stoner Rock / 15. März 2020

Los Mundos: No Hay Quien Se Salve

Limited to 300 'Green and Purple Swirl' Vinyl LPs

The herculean rock and roll hurricane known to the world as Los Mundos emerged from Monterrey, Mexico in 2014 to crush its subjects with 100-foot waves of psychgaze doom. Last year, they laid waste to your turntables with the stoned-out Calor Central, and while we wait for what’s next from Luis Martínez and Alejandro Elizondo, Little Cloud Records and The Acid Test are issuing their 2015 full-length No Hay Quien Se Salve to vinyl for the first time. Why, you ask? To bring warriors to their knees and eardrums to ruin, of course. Fans of The Jesus and Mary Chain will find solace in Los Mundos’ crushing walls of guitar cacophony and devilishly delicious harmonies, so if you ain’t privy to the sounds, now’s the time to get initiated.


Release Info

Los Mundos
24. April 2020

Verfügbare Formate

LP green and purple swirl

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