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Rock / 17. Mai 2021

Meat Loaf: Blind Before I Stop

Limited Numbered 35th Anniversary Edition Limitiert auf 2000 Exemplare

Die Produktion ist verdammt straff, noch dazu Synthie-lastig und ganz im Stil der 80er Jahre. Das Album hat sich zu einer Art Fanfavorit entwickelt, wobei die epische Ballade »Standing On The Outside« und das Duett »Rock ›n‹ Roll Mercenaries« mit dem englischen Sänger John Parr als mit die besten von Meat Loafs Songs überhaupt angesehen werden können.
Herausragende Rock-Tracks wie »Masculine«, »Blind Before I Stop« und »Rock ›n‹ Roll Hero« lassen Meat Loaf so gut klingen wie eh und je.

Can you believe Meat Loaf’s fifth studio album »Blind Before I Stop« turns 35 years old? Produced in Germany and released in 1986, this was his first album on which he fully embraced the sound of the 80’s.
Meat Loaf co-wrote three of the songs on the album. Two of them, the title track »Blind Before I Stop« and »Rock ‘n’ Roll Mercenaries« (with John Parr), were released as singles and charted in the UK. The latter was only performed live as a duo once, as Meat Loaf failed to introduce Parr onto the stage during a show in London, and the two never spoke again. A third single, »Special Girl«, became a modest hit in the USA and Canada.
To celebrate its 35th birthday, we’re releasing the album as a limited edition of 2000 individually numbered copies on gold and black marbled vinyl. The package includes an insert with song lyrics.


Release Info

Meat Loaf
25. Juni 2021

Verfügbare Formate

LP gold & black marbled vinyl

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Execution day

Rock n roll mercenaries

Getting away with the murder

One more kiss

Blind before Itop

Burning down

Standing on the outside


Man and a woman

Special girl

Rock'n'roll hero

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