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Rock / 31. März 2019

Moon Goose – Source Code

Limited coloured Edition

Moon Goose play driving, guitar-led instrumental rock. They might be new to vinyl, but they have a great judge of pace across a side of an LP, ringing the changes often enough never to lose your interest, building to a crescendo on side four that leaves you begging for more. Includes CD version. The music of Moon Goose was referred to by Stuart Maconie on BBC 6Musics Freak Zone as Cambrian psychedelia, a reasonable description due to the happy combination of geology and consciousness. There is plenty of Devonian old red sandstone in the music. There is also, if you know where to find it, gneiss (ed: one for all you geologists out there).

Release Info

Source Code
Moon Goose
29. April 2019

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2LP coloured


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