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Dance, Electronic / 25. August 2021

Morcheeba: The Antidote

Limited Edition On Translucent Red Vinyl

Two of which reached the UK top ten, including ‘The Antidote’ at #17. Morcheeba’s ‘The Antidote’ is a special one. It is the album which features Daisy Martey on vocals, who replaced Skye Edwards. Martey’s psychedelic influences were added to Morcheeba’s standard mix of soul, hip hop, country and electronics. In addition, ‘The Antidote’ was recorded live and features ‘Wonders Never Cease’ and ‘Everybody Loves A Loser’.


Release Info

The Antidote

Verfügbare Formate

LP translucent red

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A1 Wonders Never Cease

A2 Ten Men

A3 Everybody Loves A Loser

A4 Like A Military Coup

A5 Living Hell


B1 People Carrier

B2 Lighten Up

B3 Daylight Robbery

B4 Antidote

B5 God Bless And Goodbye

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