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HipHop / Rap / 14. August 2021

Notorious B.I.G.: Ready To Die

HHV GSA Exclusive Silver Vinyl Edition

One of the greatest albums in HipHop ever with one of the most iconic album covers of all time – right next to Nas’ Illmatic and Wu-Tangs “Enter The Wu”. How to describe this album with words that have not been used over and over again? Without superlatives? Not possible. It’s simply one of the best albums ever, one that every rap fan can talk about with lyrics everyone can quote – or should be able to quote from. From the recording process to the label situation, the legal hustle provoked by the samples, it is not just one story, it’s multiple stories surrounding this album.


Release Info

Ready To Die
Notorious B.I.G.

Verfügbare Formate

2 LP silver

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A1 Intro

A2 Things Done Changed

A3 Gimme The Loot

A4 Machine Gun Funk

A5 Warning

B1 Ready To Die

B2 One More Chance

B3 Fuck Me (Interlude)

B4 The What

B5 Juicy

C1 Everyday Struggle

C2 Me & My Bitch

C3 Big Poppa

C4 Respect

D1 Friend Of Mine

D2 Unbelievavle

D3 Suicidal Thoughts

D4 Who Shot Ya

D5 Just Playin (Dreams) (Bonus Track)

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