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Psychedelic/Stoner Rock / 20. Dezember 2018

Oresund Space Collective – Kybalion

Limited to 520 copies total

180g – gatefold cover – 4-sided booklet – hand numbered.

Oresund Space Collective is one of the pioneers of Psychedelic Space Rock genre. This album is devoted to the mysteries and principles of the universe that explored in the hermetic teachings of ancient Egypt and Greece, in other words, Kybalion. OSC’s Kybalion celebrates these mysteries by dedicating the album to cosmic heroes of our times, Stephen Hawking and Owsley Stanley. Owsley Stanley was the King of LSD, producing the highest quality, reliable trips and amazing expansion of the mind using chemicals. Steven Hawking used another path, where he used his immense brain power to look beyond what exists in the physical world and try to explain how the universe works, where the human race is headed and more futuristic stuff. Cyber Rabbit’s collaboration with OSC context engineers the traditional album experience. Instead of providing just music to listen to and aesthetically pleasing pretty album art work to look at, we have used the great potential of Mixed Reality technologies and created a Technological Esoteric Album as a Technological Magical Artefact. Through altering their perception by the Mixed Reality Cyberdelic experience, the audience become a alchemist and open portals into the world of Kybalion through the album art. The album comes with 6 different highly detailed paintings that combines the esoteric symbolism with cosmic imagery, each one contains different portals into the world of Kybalion. From choosing the songs through interactive Emerald Tablets of Thoth that becomes portals into virtual worlds, to exploring the 7 Cosmic Laws by augmenting the reality, this is an artefact every 21st century Psychedelic Space Alchemist must have in their magical laboratory.

Release Info

Space Rock

Verfügbare Formate

LP white  210x

LP purple 128x sold out!

LP 182x

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