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Alternative / 5. Dezember 2020

Slowdive: 5 Ep

Limited coloured Reissue

Slowdive’s »5« EP was released in 1993 and contains 4 songs, 3 of which are instrumental. Neil Halstead had a blast experimenting with electronic beats. The instrumental tracks on this EP are all accompanied by a solid beat.

Slowdive once again succeed beautifully in producing tones that leave you numb as to how you should feel. There is an unmistakably euphoric edge to it, something heavenly, something convincing, something that takes you to places where everything is more beautiful, more colorful.

»5« EP captures a brief moment of Slowdive’s journey – not quite like anything they did before it and not quite like anything after it, though it does have elements of both »Souvlaki« and »Pygmalion« in there.

»In Mind«, »Good Day Sunshine«, »Missing You« & »Country Rain« are trippy, dreamy, spaced, melancholic and cinematic… Overall an essential part of the history of one of the most influential acts of the late 20th century.

This rare and sought-after EP is now finally available as a limited edition of 4000 individually numbered copies on pink & purple marbled vinyl. The jacket has a special deluxe »alubrush« finish. The package includes an insert with the Slowdive catalogue.

Limitierter pink & purple marbled 180g-Vinyl-Repress! 1993 veröffentlichte EP mit 4 Songs von denen 3 Instrumentals sind. Neil Halstead hatte großen Spaß beim Experimentieren mit elektronischen Beats, so dass die Instrumentalspuren auf dieser EP alle von einem soliden Beat begleitet werden.Die EP klingt nicht ganz so wie das, was sie davor und nicht so, wie was sie danach aufgenommen haben, obwohl “5” Elemente sowohl von Souvlaki als auch von Pygmalion enthält. “In Mind”, “Good Day Sunshine”, “Missing You” und “Country Rain” sind trippig, verträumt, distanziert und melancholisch.


Release Info

15. Januar 2021

Verfügbare Formate

Ltd. LP pink/purple 4000x

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  1. 1 Side A: In Mind
  2. 2 Good Day Sunshine
  3. 3 Side B: Missing You
  4. 4 Country Rain

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