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Alternative / 26. Juli 2020

Steve Von Till: No Wilderness Deep Enough

Limited EU Version, only 200 on vellum clear vinyl

Steve Von Till has charted an extraordinary musical path over the last several decades, from his main duties as singer and guitarist of the boundary-breaking Neurosis to the psychedelic music of his Harvestman project and the gothic Americana he´s released under his own name. But No Wilderness Deep Enough is truly like nothing you´ve ever heard from him before-an album that´s devastatingly beautiful and overwhelming in its scope, reminiscent of the tragic ecstasy of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds´ recent work as well as the borderless ambient music pioneered by Brian Eno, late composer Jóhann Jóhannsson´s glacial compositions, and the electronic mutations of Coil.


Release Info

Steve Von Till
07. August 2020

Verfügbare Formate

Ltd. LP vellum clear 200x


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  1. 1 Dreams Of Trees
  2. 2 The Old Straight Track
  3. 3 Indifferent Eyes
  4. 4 Trail The Silent Hours
  5. 5 Shadows On The Run

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