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Alternative, Punk / 24. Januar 2021

TV Priest: Uppers

Loser Edition

Das Debutalbum der aus London stammenden Post-Punks auf dem US-Label Sub Pop ist bestes Futter für Fans von Protomartyr bis The Fall. Sänger Charlie vereint in seiner eindringlichen, aufwühlenden Gesangsperformance das Nöhlige, Fordernde eines Mark E. Smith mit dem exaltierten, überbordenden lyrischen Erzähl-Style von Joe Casey und steht doch für sich, wie er Absurditäten und Mondänität des Lebens skizziert und mit kleinen Stakkato-Tricks, unglaublichem Charisma und gekonnt gesetzten Betonungen würzt und zu Größe aufbläst. Großartig der ihn umspielende und in Szene setzende Post-Punk mit sehr coolen atonalen oder hallosen noiselnden Gitarrenriffs zu schiebendem Distortion-Bass und nach vorne gehendem Drumming. Aber die Band driftet immer wieder auch ins Atmosphärische wie bei dem Gänshautsong “Powers of ten”. Was für ein großartiges Einstandsalbum, das nicht nur mit Songs wie “Slideshow”, einem von schrägen Gitarren und brilliantem ins Ohr gehenden New Wave-Refrain getoppten Monstersong oder dem minimalistisch und monoton Drucke entwickelnden “Fathers and Sons” weitere Höhepunkte hat.

Four childhood friends who made music together as teenagers before drifting apart and then, somewhat inevitably, back together late in 2019, TV Priest was borne out of a need to create together once again, and brings with it a wealth of experience and exhaustion picked up in the band’s years of pursuing ‘real life’ and ‘real jobs’, something those teenagers never had.

Last November, the band – vocalist Charlie Drinkwater, guitarist Alex Sprogis, bass and keys player Nic Smith and drummer Ed Kelland – played their first show, to a smattering of friends in what they describe as an “industrial freezer” in the warehouse district of Hackney Wick. “It was like the pub in Peep Show with a washing machine just in the middle…” Charlie laughs, remembering how they dodged Star Wars memorabilia and deep fat fryers while making their first statement as a band.

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a precedent for launching a band during a global pandemic, but among the general sense of anxiety and unease pervading everything at the moment, TV Priest’s entrance in April with the release of debut single House Of York – a searing examination of the Monarchy set over wiry post-punk and fronted by a Mark E. Smith-like mouthpiece – served as a breath of fresh air among the chaos, its anger and confusion making some kind of twisted sense to the nation’s fried brains.

It’s the same continued global sense of anxiety that will greet the release of Uppers, and it’s an album that has a lot to say right now. Taking musical cues from post-punk stalwarts The Fall and Protomartyr as well as the mechanical, pulsating grooves of krautrock, it’s a record that moves with an untamed energy. Over the top of this rumbling musical machine is vocalist Charlie, a cuttingly funny, angry, confused, real frontman. Uppers sees TV Priest explicitly and outwardly trying to avoid narrowmindedness. Uppers sees TV Priest taking musical and personal risks, reaching outside of themselves and trying to make sense of this increasingly messy world. It’s a band and a record that couldn’t arrive at a more perfect time.



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  1. 1 The Big Curve
  2. 2 Press Gang
  3. 3 Leg Room
  4. 4 Journal Of A Plague Year
  5. 5 History Week
  6. 6 Decoration
  7. 7 Slideshow
  8. 8 Fathers And Sons
  9. 9 The Ref
  10. 10 Powers Of Ten
  11. 11 This Island
  12. 12 Saintless

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