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HipHop / Rap / 25. März 2018

V.A.: Chillhop Essentials Spring 2018

One copy per customer only!

The Chillhop Essentials series is back for another installment featuring 22 spring themed tracks from Chillhop’s favorite producers.
Chillhop gathered 22 artists that have been killing it lately to compose an exclusive track that fits the spring mood.
This is a limited-edition gatefold double vinyl compilation!

Release Info

13. Juli 2018

Verfügbare Formate

2 LP

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A1 Cap Kendricks - The One

A2 j'san. - good morning sunshine

A3 Juan RIOS - Azahar

A4 HM Surf - Swix

A5 Ruck P - Spring in La Coruña


B1 Stan Forebee & Kyle McEvoy - Kensington

B2 Birocratic - Handsome People

B3 OTESLA - Carbon

B4 Monma - ManaTree

B5 Leavv - Tomorrow

B6 Cloudchord - H'okay


C1 FloFilz - Blue Orchard

C2 mommy & snowglobe - taipei rosebuds

C3 illiterate - Moonshine

C4 Aso & Middle School - Tomorrow Never Knows

C5 City Girl - Eowyn


D1 Joe Corfield - Wildflower

D2 Psalm Trees - Wherever You Are

D3 plusma - troubadix

D4 Toonorth - Drop Top

D5 Robot Orchestra - thinking of you

D6 deeB - Morningview


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