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Electronic/Dance, Pop / 28. Juni 2020

Yaeji: What We Drew

Limited splattered or green Vinyl

Brooklyn electronic artist Kathy Yaeji Lee may have roots in South Korea, but her music sounds like it came from a distant planet that we won’t discover for another two millenniums. Warped synth textures, garbled guitar leads and paranormal vocal treatments sway together in genreless unison. Perhaps a distant cousin to Grimes or Yves Tumor or even a long lost niece of Tobacco, Yaeji has quickly carved out a unique niche in the house clubs, but her new album What We Drew 우리가 그려왔던 suggests that she’s up for taking over new territories. Trap, hip hop, psych and electronic music fans will find plenty to sink their teeth into here. Certainly not for everyone, but the adventurous listeners are gonna dig this one I think.

This is the first piece of Yaeji music committed to vinyl. Currently, there are two variants you can choose from. Limited to 1000 copies is the multi-colored splatter colorway from XL Recordings. It also comes with an OBI strip and you can grab it after the ‘buy’ link. Vinyl Me, Please has a clear green version limited to only 500 copies. Right now, the VMP slab is exclusive to club members only, but in a few days, that should open up to the public.


Release Info

What we drew
17. Juli 2020

Verfügbare Formate

Ltd. LP splattered 1000x sold out!

Ltd. LP yellow Ltd. to first pressing

Ltd. LP green 500x


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