Blues / Jazz

Alison Moyet
The Minutes

White Vinyl Edition
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The Minutes was Produced by Guy Sigworth , and was first released in 2013.

The Minutes marked a return to club minded electronics while keeping her sound distinctly contemporary. It became her highest charting album since Raindancing in the U.K., reaching number five. Alison Moyet, a British pop singer known for her rich, remarkably bluesy voice, went on to become a steady presence on the U.K. charts, however, with each of her studio albums reaching at least the Top 30.

Blues / Jazz, Pop, Rock // Cooking Vinyl // 15. Juli 2022

J.J. Cale

Coloured Vinyl
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Sub-Genre(s): Rockabilly, Country
Blues / Jazz // Sony // 25. September 2020

Seasick Steve
Only On Vinyl

Limited Blue Vinyl Edition
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Seasick Steve veröffentlicht sein brandneues Album nur in einem einzigen Format – Vinyl!

Sub-Genre(s): Country Blues, ‎Blues‎, ‎Blues Rock‎‎
Blues / Jazz, Rock // There's A Dead Skunk // 23. September 2022

Miles Davis
Porgy & Bess

Limited Edition
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Porgy and Bess wurde 1934 als Oper geschrieben, aber erst Otto Premingers Film aus dem Jahr 1959 verhalf dem Stück zu Weltruhm.

Mehrere Jazzmusiker interpretierten die Musik, Miles Davis gelang mit seiner Interpretation eines der vitalsten Jazzalben überhaupt.

Blues / Jazz // Pan Am // 27. Januar 2012