Dave Stewart
Ebony McQueen

Box Set (3 LPs, 2 Singles 7" + 2 MCs)
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BOXSET: 3 LPs, 2 Singles 7", 2 MCs + 48 Page Lyric & Photo Book


Quaalude prelude

Ebony McQueen

When you're feeling down

She knows my name

As you like it

Walking on blue

People change

Unhappy town

Things will never be the same (without you)


    Mr. Jolly

    There's got to be adevil

    Walking on thin air

    Ebony says

    Daddy's got the blues

    One morning

    Baby did it blow our minds




      Baby it's you

      Waiting for the rain

      What's the fucking point?

      Two kids

      Jackie where you been?

      Dream on

      A load a cola

        Boxes, Electronic/Dance, Pop, Rock // Bay Street // 20. Mai 2022