King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard
Live In Brisbane '21

In 3 coolen Farbversionen
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>Live In Brisbane ’21< in 3 verschiedenen 3 LP Coloured Vinyl EditionsBitter Water Splatter Vinyl Edition

LP1: Hot Water – royal blue w/milky clear smoke & cyan w/milky clear splatter

LP2: Orange Dreams – orange crush w/milky clear smoke & Halloween orange w/neon orange splatter

LP3: Muddy Water – royal blue/milky clear/brown a-side/b-side w/royal blue & brown splatter 180 gram vinyl Gatefold jacket


Stuing In The Juices Splatter Vinyl Edition

LP1: Stu’s vomit in the toilet. Swamp Green in Electric Blue with Swamp Green, Olive Green & Easter Yellow splatter
LP2: The shit stain on Stu’s pants. Brown in Beer with Brown splatter
LP3: The vomit and the shit all mixed together. Brown/Mustard/Swamp Green Tri Color with Swamp Green, Olive Green, Brown & Highlighter Yellow splatter  180 gram vinyl Gatefold jacket


Wizard Jams Splatter Vinyl Edition

LP1: Hands on the Wheel – blood red/bone pinwheel w/cyan splatter

LP2: Wizard Hat – reddish/cyan quad w/cyan & white splatter

LP3: Slow Jam – cloudy deep purple 180 gram vinyl Gatefold jacket


Verfügbare Formate:

3 LP Bitter Water Splatter Vinyl

3 LP Stuing In The Juices Splatter Vinyl

3 LP Wizard Jams Splatter Vinyl


A1 The River

A2 It’s Got Old


B1 Sleepwalker

B2 The Wheel

B3 Hot Water


C1 Let Me Mend The Past

C2 Dirt

C3 The Bitter Boogie


D1 Muddy Water

D2 Most Of What I Like

D3 Her And I (Slow Jam 2)


E1 Slow Jam 1

E2 Stressin’

E3 Sense


F1 Etching

Indie/Alternative // Needlejuice // 23. September 2022