Original Soundtrack (OST): Filmmusik: Pulp Fiction

Black Vinyl Edition
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Sub-Genre(s): Original Soundtrack
Misc // MCA // 27. November 2001

Bruce Springsteen
Filmmusik: Springsteen On Broadway

4 LP Edition
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Misc, Rock // COLUMBIA // 25. Januar 2019

OST The Northman

HHV Exclusive Golden Vinyl Edition Or Limited Red Vinyl Edition (2 LP)
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„Rob wanted the world of The Northman to feel harsh and uncomfortable, and for everything to feel like it was caked in mud and dry blood, so it was crucial for the score to mirror that.“

Composers Robin Carolan (Tri-Angle Records) and Sebastian Gainsborough (Vessel) were given a task of epic proportions when director Rob Eggers (The VVitch, The Lighthouse) asked them to create the score for his ambitious and highly anticipated new film The Northman, releasing on April 22nd.

Sub-Genre(s): Original Soundtrack, Filmmusik
Misc // SACRED BONES // 1. Juli 2022

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Klavierkonzerte Vol.1/17

Limitierte und nummerierte Vinyl-Edition
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Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne, Christian Zacharias

Sub-Genre(s): Klassik
Misc // MDG // 27. November 2017