Organic Grooves

Cowboy Carter (Blonde Hair 👩🏼 Version | Cowboy Hat 🤠 Version I Snake Face 🐍 Version)

Limited Transparent Red Double-Vinyl, Transparent Blue Double-Vinyl or White Double-Vinyl Edition
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▶︎ Blonde Hair Version: Limited Transparent Red Double-Vinyl

▶︎ Cowboy Hat Version: Limited Transparent Blue Double-Vinyl

▶︎ Snake Face Version: Limited White Double-Vinyl

Sub-Genre(s): R&B
Organic Grooves, Pop // Sony // 12. April 2024

The Trammps
This One Is For The Party

40th 🎉 Anniversary Limited Extended Translucent Red Vinyl Edition
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Limitiert auf 500 Exemplare!

Sub-Genre(s): Soul
Organic Grooves // Music On Vinyl // 24. Mai 2024


Limited Numbered Orange Double-Vinyl Edition
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Limitiert auf 2.000 Exemplare!

Sub-Genre(s): Latin
Organic Grooves, Rock // // 17. Mai 2024