Psymon Spine
Charismatic Megafauna

Exclusive Edition
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Transparent vinyl with anOrange Flexi-disc single (with unreleased single remix).
Housed in a Hand-numbered sleeve, Folded colour poster 12” x 24”.
Limited to 250.

Fusing psychedelic pop and the deep grooves of dance music, Psymon Spine’s music oozes with melodic hugeness – but the places this Brooklyn electronic pop outfit takes their songs is truly out there, exploring complicated feelings through a singular approach to left-of-center dance sounds.

Only a year ago, band members Noah and Sabine were playing in the dream-pop group Barrie, who broke out following a string of buzz-making singles, but Charismatic Megafauna proves that Psymon Spine are on a different journey, exploring sounds ranging from disco to early techno and motorik’s incessant pulse.

Psymon Spine put their own addictive stamp on the sounds of the past, with surprises at every turn and the type of lush synth work that could only come from brilliant students of dance music. Reflecting optimism and catharsis, Charismatic Megafauna is a heady trip through left-field pop that packs its own emotional wallop.



Verfügbare Formate:

Ltd. LP orange 250x



Side A
01. Confusion
02. Modmed
03. Jacket (Don't Want You Back)
04. Jumprope
05. Milk (feat. Barrie)
Side B
06. Channels
07. Different Patterns
08. Real Thing
09. Solution
10. Unwound

Drums Valentino (Flexi-disc Single)

Electronic/Dance, Indie/Alternative // Northern Spy // 19. Februar 2021